picture, around 1999 with Cherokee

1994: founded his first band with two friends from school. Martin took over the bass-guitar. .
At some point in 1994 he wrote his first all-original melody and lyrics. The song was called “Even Roads”.


1994 - 2003: played bass for "Freeze", "Cherokee", "Children of Doom" and "Cesspool".  

2002 - 2006: performed as vocalist in the A-capella-group "The Voices",in addition he contributed with guitar and piano. The group performed in front of crowds of several hundred people...

2008 - 2009: played guitar and contributed with vocals in Galway, Ireland as street musician and pubs with fellow musicians.


Started focusing on songwriting, producing and recording songs


currently: contributing vocals, guitar and piano in project-based bands such as "The New Ladykillers" and "Softly Smile"



2001: Martin´s song "Rain" - recorded with Friends -  scored 2nd in a songwriting contest
2011-2012: The songs "Sarah", "Rock me Baby" and "Bis du da bist" made their debut in UK songwriting contest and reached the semi-finals