"Book of Love"

Bastian Wagner and Sandra Werner-Kreßmann charity project to support German Childhood Cancer Foundation.

"Book of Love" Bandcamp


Martin composed the music for "Love is worth is all", produced by Bastian Wagner, The Lead Vocals were sung by Chantal Schramm and Guido Eckhart


Published by logischdenker records

Children-Book "Ich bin da, kleiner Bär"

Martin wrote the Song "Bis du da bist" as Title Track for the children Book "Ich bin da, kleiner Bär" written by Karin Ammerer, published by G&G.


The Song was produced by Bernd Oettinger with Lead Vocals by Chantal Schramm and Alexander.

Published by G&G

"Beach Boys Tribute"

The Song "First American Band" was written by Martin Götz, produced by Bernd Oettinger, with Lead Vocals by Kayla Williams. Up to date it is used as the "Title Track" for the German Beach Boys Homepage. 


Published by Arctic Sea Records